Learn About the Origins of Boom Tschak


I was born that year, on the same day when Paul McCartney announced his departure from the Beatles, marking the end of the group.


Left for France.


My first musical venture ended by my mom deliberately breaking the guitar she bought me for my birthday. She didn’t discourage me though.


Back from France (I still speak French pretty good).


Electronic music caught my ear.


First try at making music (only for masochists and absolute music haters – to prove they are right for hating music).


Army, a lost year of my life.


First song ever recorded in a music studio with a band called “Pasija” (Passion). It was an electro-pop track called “Bludnica” (She sinner) driven by zapped beats. Due to some studio limitations we had to make a compromise between the bass sound we liked, and a zap snare. We kept the snare. Band members were Dejan Matić, Dragan Pendić – Penda, Boban and myself.


The band came down from 4 to 2 members – the singer Penda and me. We had our first ever TV appearance. The cameraman left us alone with the camera after a minute and a half. We didn’t bring any instruments because the people from the TV station thought it would be a unnecessary hastle for them to fit a nice setup for us. Fortunately for the TV audience, I demonstrated my newly developed and extremely sexy “thumbs on thighs” dance.


New band called Interference. Electro-pop duo again, but with a female singer Vanja. We sang in English, had two radio singles – “Keep Your Secrets” and “Rope Around My Neck”. I still like those songs very much.


To all the female fans – you’re too late, I got married that year to Vanja, poor girl.


I opened my own music studio called “Puls” where I recorded mostly Hip-hop which was extremely popular among teenagers who were my main customers.


Chiq Toxiq
Another band with an old friend – Boban. The band was called Chiq Toxiq and we tried to approach music with a sense of humour. Our first radio single “E, Cane” was very popular, it contained samples from a vintage Serbian TV show “Muzikanti”. Our next track “Guča 3001”, inspired by Serbian ethno rhythms, was also a big radio success.
Darkwood Dub
After hearing our music on the radio, one of the most popular Serbian bands Darkwood Dub approached us to do remixes for their upcoming album which was to be named after the band. We did 3 remixes all of which were released – “Bumerang”, “Događaj bez presedana” and “Sistem”.


This was the most important year of my life, I became a father to a lovely girl we named Isidora. As you can see from the picture, she had her superstar act ready from the early ages.
Darkwood Dub, Elektro Pionir
Chiq Toxiq composed music for a modern dance theatre play “Šija crne mačkice” choreographed by Bojana Mladenović, based upon Julio Cortazar’s “Throat of a black kitten”. I was hired by Darkwood Dub to work on their new album “Elektro pionir” as a sampler operator.


Belgrade Coffee Shop
First Chiq Toxiq track ever released was “Supernova peva”, on a compilation called “Belgrade Coffee Shop” by FreeB92. Later the same year, the Compilation was re-released for international market by Magix Entertainment.

Foto was founded, a side project of Chiq Toxiq and the singer from the band Lutke – Nenad Jovanović. We had no idea what to do together, but a mutual friend Aleksandar Stojanović who introduced us thought it would be a great combination.


Boarding Time, Gate 1
“Supernova peva” was featured on another compilation by Magix Entertainment called “Boarding Time, Gate 1”.

Foto released it’s first single “Kosmos Srbija” which was the most played track of the year on several mainstream radio stations. Belgrade’s radio “Studio B” put it on NR 1 of the “best songs of the year” list at the end of 2001.


Foto, Kosmos Srbija
Foto released it’s debut album named “Kosmos Srbija” under Ammonite records. 2 more singles “Tehnologija” and “Mary Quant” followed.
Another collaboration with Bojana Mladenović gave birth to “Topografija ekstrema (T-EXT)”, a modern dance play inspired by the Pioneer plaque. The music was performed live on stage.


Chiq Toxiq, Deep Breath
Boban left both Chiq Toxiq and Foto to form Mazuma Kim, and later Laura 2000. The same year Chiq Toxiq signed a record deal with Oh Yoko records and released it’s debut album “Deep Breath”.


CCBit, Indietronic
Boom Tschak was born with the release of a compilation named “CCBit Indietronic”. The released track was called “More Chocolate, Please”.
La Caravane Passe
Boom Tschak remixed a French band La Caravane Passe. The remix of the track “Echo, Echo” is featured on the re-release of their debut album “Velkom Plechti”.
Foto, Sinteza
Foto released it’s second album named “Sinteza”. 10 electro-pop songs influenced by the late 70’s and early 80’s music. For the cover we used a painting from Milan Stanojev, an artist from Novi Sad, Serbia, who’s work was often heavily censored in the past.


www.boomtschak.com sees the light of day. Superstardom bevare, here I come!


Boom Tschak, Sucker for Sweets
“Sucker for Sweets” is Boom Tschak’s most important release ever. Inspired mostly by the old disco and electro pop sound, this EP tries to reflect the true nature of humankind questioning both the basic instincts and more advanced states of mind.


I believe I will soon become an international superstar.


I believe I will soon become an international superstar.


I believe… What the…Cough, cough… I believe I can fly, I believe… Nuuurse, I need a new diaper!